10. Investments in associates and affiliates

EUR million
2012 2011
Carrying amount at 1 Jan
1.4 1.3
Acquisition of an associate
Share of associated companies' results
Carrying amount at 31 Dec
1.4 1.4

Associates and affiliates of the Group

Holding at 31 Dec, % Domicile 2012 2011
Hangon Puhdistamo Oy Hanko 50.0% 50.0%
Regattalämpö Oy Hanko 42.6% 42.6%
Pharmaservice Oy Helsinki 49.0% 49.0%

Hangon Puhdistamo Oy engages in wastewater treatment for the companies that own it. Regattalämpö Oy provides real estate services for the residential buildings of the companies that own it. The companies operate at cost, by covering their own expenses and without making any profit, so their impact on the consolidated statement of comprehensive income and statement of financial position is minimal. Pharmaservice Oy is a provider of dose dispensing support services for pharmacies.

Summarised financial information of associates

EUR million
2012 2011
3.1 2.9
3.8 3.7
5.3 4.6
Profit (+) or loss (-) for the period
0.2 -0.1

The most recent available financial statements of the associates are for the years 2011 and 2010.

The official financial statement documents including notes to the parent company financial statements and unrounded figures are available in Finnish at www.orion.fi.