27. Operating leases

Group as lessee

Minimum lease payments payable on the basis of other non-cancellable leases

EUR million, 31 Dec 2012 2011
No later than 1 year 2.4 2.2
Later than 1 year but no later than 5 years 4.1 2.3
Total 6.5 4.5

Rents paid on the basis of other operating leases during the period 3.9 3.1

Other lease expenses comprise mainly expenses for business premises abroad.

Group as lessor

Rental income is presented in Note 2, Other operating income and expenses. The rental income comprises mainly rents from personnel and others for real estate owned by the Group.

The Group does not have any finance leases under which the Group is a lessor.

The official financial statement documents including notes to the parent company financial statements and unrounded figures are available in Finnish at www.orion.fi.